Best Mic for Discord

As any video game enthusiast will know, microphones are one of the most important peripherals you can have for multiplayer, team-based games. Sure, if you are wandering the world of Tamriel in Skyrim,

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Is VR bad for Your Eyes_Comfy Gaming Hub

Is VR Bad for Your Eyes?

Is VR bad for your eyes? The world of recreational technology is advancing quicker than anyone twenty years ago would have predicted. It feels like every other year there is a major breakthrough that

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How to lower mic sensitivity for Maximum Results_Comfy Gaming Hub

How to lower mic sensitivity for Maximum Results

Microphone issues are sadly far too common and it can take a fair while before you have perfectly optimized your microphone so that it hears only what you want it to hear. Learning how to lower mic sensitivity

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Gaming Hand Warmer_Comfy Gaming Hub

Gaming Hand Warmer, What Are They?

I’m sure we all have the same memories of going to school during winter, only to fail miserably at writing for the first few hours due to our hands being far, far too cold. Well, surprisingly,

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Is 60hz good for gaming_Comfy Gaming Hub

Is 60hz Good for Gaming?

There is little worse in the world of gaming than being at a disadvantage to your opponents due to something that is out of your control. It can make even the most patient of us decide to stop playing

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Right-click Keyboard Shortcut_Comfy Gaming Hub

Right-Click Keyboard Shortcut – Quick Guide

What is a right-click keyboard shortcut? A mouse is one of the most basic computer peripherals, purchased alongside a keyboard and the computer itself. But what if yours was to break? Or, what if it were

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Ps4 controller light bar colors meaning_Comfy Gaming Hub

Ps4 Controller Light Bar Colors Meaning

What is the PS4 controller light bar colors meaning? Improving on its predecessor, the PlayStation 3, the Playstation 4 came equipped with not only top-of-the-line (for that time, at least) specifications

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Can you get a headache from video games_Comfy Gaming Hub

Can You Get a Headache From Video Games?

If you’re anything like me, then growing up playing video games you were met with comments such as “Those games will give you square eyes!” or “Don’t play them so much or

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What are the Fortnite color rankings_Comfy Gaming Hub

What Are Fortnite Color Rankings?

What are Fortnite color rankings? Fortnite Battle Royale has been out for just over 4 years. In that time, the game has innovated more than anyone expected. Live events, in-game concerts with live musicians,

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Claw Grip Controller Benefits and Health Effects_Comfy Gaming Hub

Claw Grip Controller Benefits

What is a claw grip controller? Console gaming has always been very straightforward. The controllers are simple and fit right into your hands with no worry in the world. Despite this, gamers and avid

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