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Best Quiet Gaming Mouse

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What is the best quiet gaming mouse? While gaming, some people love the click of a mouse or the noise of a keyboard, others can find it distracting. This is quite understandable as the noises can distract you from listening to crucial audio cues from the game you’re playing. On the other hand, maybe you’re playing something very relaxing and the mouse clicks are just ruining your time. Whatever your reason is, today we’ll be talking about some quiet gaming mice to help fix this problem for you!

Searching for a quiet mouse on your own can prove troublesome as while keyboards capitalize on the noise they make, adverts seldom mention the noise a gaming mouse makes. Regardless of the noise they make, gaming mice are crucial for those looking to bring their competitive gaming to the next level, or can even be used to make the lives of casual gamers just that little bit easier.

Best Quiet Gaming Mouse_Comfy Gaming Hub

Razer lancehead tournament edition ambidextrous gaming mouse

Razer is a very well-known brand in the gaming world that has a plethora of high-end gaming mice in its store. With that said, Let’s discuss the Lancehead TE

Being a mouse used for tournaments, the lancehead TE comes equipped with state-of-the-art optical sensors that boast an impressive maximum of 16000 DPI this mouse is capable of keeping up with whatever you can throw at it.

As for the noise this mouse makes, the lancehead TE comes with the Razer Omron switches which produce less noise. The Omron switches also have a faster response time and average out at 50 million clicks for their durability.

Being a Razer product, it should be no surprise that this mouse has RGB capabilities however if this is something that you’re not wanting to experience then you can easily turn it off with the Razer synapse application which is Razer’s own custom software designed to work with their products. Newer install of Razer synapse have difficulty working on the mac os and cannot change the lights or set up macros.

The lancehead TE is also ambidextrous so it can be used by left-handed users, which is oddly rare with gaming mice.


  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Ambidextrous
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Works with the synapse application which offers amazing customization
  • Precise optical tracking


  • Premium price/paying for the brand name
  • On the smaller size

Logitech G502 Proteus Spectrum

As the quietest member of the Logitech G502 family, the Proteus Spectrum has ridiculously quiet clicks and is a brilliant silent mouse for gaming. This wired gaming mouse has a multitude of additional buttons to suit your needs and also a ‘free scroll’ button with L/R tilt buttons as well.

The wired mouse comes with some extra weights that you can place inside to change the center of mass and make it heavier. Although the gaming mouse is already rather large and heavy which means it only suits larger hands, yet supports all types of mouse grip.

Despite being a silent mouse with optical sensor technology, the mouse only supports right-handed holding. The reviews say the mouse is very comfortable to hold but is only designed for right-handed people.

The CPI (counts per inch) however, is said to be lacking in quality as the mouse CPI range is not as wide as it is on other later versions of the G205. Reports also say the mouse struggles to keep up with any quick mouse movement which would be troublesome for someone looking to play FPS games at a competitive level.

Apart from this, it is a fully equipped gaming mouse and beats any normal computer mouse for sure. The DPI buttons on the top let you change your DPI levels on the fly so you can access a higher dpi without distracting yourself from the game.

The quiet click mouse has an affordable price tag and can be bought in a bundle with a Logitech mouse pad to turn your desk into an anti-friction surface, your gaming experience even quieter and more comfortable.


  • Feels incredibly well built
  • Comfortable for right-handed users
  • Programmable inputs with companion software that works on both windows and the mac os/chrome os


  • Struggles at higher speeds
  • Has a niche futuristic design
  • wired only
  • The scroll wheel is also loud

Logitech M330 silent plus gaming mouse

The M330 is the first wireless mouse on this list and is quite good for all your computer needs. Despite being labeled as a ‘gaming mouse’ it does not come equipped with all the fancy features you see on other products.

It is more of a gaming sidekick as it is versatile for gaming, studying, or just browsing the web. The mouse screams ‘mediocrity’ and ‘minimalism’ in the best possible way as there are no DPI settings and it is maxed out at 1000 DPI. The clicks are silent, however, and it has a very strong battery life that ensures you can be playing games for as long as you like without having to worry about it dying on you.

With a lack of programmable buttons, the mouse prioritizes a good battery life and high quality. The battery life can be monitored and the wireless range lets you be anywhere in the same room. The M330 works with Windows and the Mac operating system with no complications so you can connect easily with no doubt in your mind.


  • Silent clicks
  • wireless
  • incredibly long battery life


  • A small size that supports only finger grips
  • Pricey for what it is
  • Lack of features

VictSing Bluetooth wireless slim silent mouse

This VictSing mouse, similar to the m330, only has three buttons; Left and right-click with a mouse wheel click. While this may be disappointing to some, the VictSing slim silent mouse has adjustable DPI changing buttons on the inside. While you cannot use these easily while playing a game, the buttons are easier than changing the sensitivity VIA the settings of your computer.

This silent mouse has power-saving modes and can last up to 12 months with daily use. It also provides high comfort to both right and left-handed users alike. With a high-quality design, this mouse can fit in your pocket and be carried anywhere at a moment’s notice, making it the right mouse to suit your daily needs.

Connecting to a singular device is a thing of the past as this Bluetooth mouse features the ability to connect to up to three separate devices and swap between them quickly and efficiently. While there are no customizable buttons. this mouse is slim and sleek with an exquisite design that can look at home in even the most stylish of setups.

The word ‘slim’ is not an exaggeration as this mouse is pocket-sized and has a high-quality metal mouse wheel right in between the two silent main buttons which make it better than a regular mouse as the clicking noise is a thing of the past.


  • Slim, pocket-sized, and still high quality
  • A stable connection on up to three devices at once
  • Adjustable DPI
  • Silent click buttons that negate any clicking sound
  • Ambidextrous


  • Lack of additional buttons
  • DPI is not easy to change
  • No auto-sleep mode

Vegcoo C9s silent click wireless gaming mouse

The best silent gaming mouse in the affordable bracket, the Vegcoo C9 is a silent and wireless gaming mouse that has RGB lights and a plug-and-play wireless connection. It has two side buttons and despite not having DPI settings, it has DPI buttons on the top that allow you to change your DPI very quickly while playing.

Both the left and right-click buttons are silent, to allow you some peace and quiet as you use the quietest mouse you will ever need. The design looks a tad outlandish and is not at all subtle, however, it is an ergonomic mouse that will be comfortable to use for a long, continuous amount of time.

Inside it has a lithium battery that can have a battery life of up to 30 days once fully charged. It has an optical sensor that allows a high CPI without losing connection or making it seem as if it is staggering.


  • Cheap yet high quality, affordable gaming mouse
  • Multiple buttons and quick DPI changes


  • Outlandish design
  • Only the main buttons are silent
  • Uncomstomizable LED lights

Buyers Guide

Buying a gaming mouse for the first time can be daunting and a very overwhelming experience, especially if you’re looking for something specialized such as a left-handed or silent gaming mouse, let alone both in one.

There are so many choices and factors to consider to make sure you buy the mouse perfect for you. It can waste time and money if you make the wrong choice, even more so when dealing with high-end products.

To counter this, common features and their alternatives shall be listed below to make finding your perfect mouse just that much easier.

Best Quiet Gaming Mouse_Comfy Gaming Hub


A big choice with gaming mice is whether you want them to be wired or wireless. Both choices have pros and cons, the downsides being either an annoying wire or an equally annoying battery life. While some companies such as Razer design items to negate this, such as the mouse bungee that holds your wire and keeps it tidy. The wireless counterpart being a mouse pad that charges your mouse as you play, albeit it is more expensive. You must also take into consideration where your play games. Someone on a desk would be fine with wires whereas someone who sits on a bed or couch may want a wireless mouse to decrease the number of things that are near them. Most high-end wireless gaming mice will have high-quality lithium batteries that last for ages whereas cheaper gaming mice may use actual household batteries like AA or AAA. Thankfully your gaming mouse options are very much open as most companies provide a plethora of choices for either a wired or wireless mouse.

Simplicity or Function

A lot of mice will come with programmable buttons, Razer and HyperX being most notorious for it. The standard two mouse switches are enough for some people however others may be inclined to have side buttons to maximize their efficiency. While both types still have an ergonomic design, it is not rare to dislike the additional buttons. For those wanting to swap to a higher DPI at a moment’s notice, a mouse with additional buttons is critical.

DPI and internals

Most mice nowadays that are made for gaming will have an optical sensor as it is quicker and more efficient than its counterpart, the laser sensor. Laser sensors typically have more that can go wrong with them, so the more reliable option is optical. A laser sensor is becoming a thing of the past so if your mouse description says ‘laser sensor’ in it, then shop around for a different one. The difference between the two is more noticeable when playing games, especially FPS games, as the fast movement speaks volumes about which choice is more reliable.

Is silence needed?

Most silent gaming mice are good, however, if you shop for normal gaming mice as well, your options expand by loads. Silent mice are nice while working, for sure. However, when you think about it, what is the point of a quiet gaming mouse? It is definitely down to personal preference but if you’re looking for silent gaming mice specifically then that implies you will use it while gaming. While gaming, you would normally have game volume blaring through either speakers or your headset which makes it so you would not hear the mouse despite not being a quiet gaming mouse. When paired with high-quality headphones, the likelihood of needing any sort of ‘best silent gaming mice’ is unneeded.


As said, choosing the best quiet gaming mouse is a personal preference. However, I think that the bigger choice is to get either a wireless mouse or a wired mouse. Wireless gaming mice are better in so many more ways than their wired counterparts that they are worth purchasing even if they are not silent. The mouse switches on silent mice tend to last less time than normal switches, and the scroll wheel is hard to make quiet without it being of low quality or feeling as such.

While there is no ‘best quiet gaming mouse’ it all comes down to the mouse features and their ergonomic design. A mouse with a good ergonomic design is invaluable in the long run.