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Best Gaming Chair Under $200:Top Picks

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What is the best gaming chair under $200? Gaming chairs are a staple of e-sports, and they are owned by numerous gamers around the world. You can see them in your friend’s man cave and in internet cafes. They are preferred by numerous YouTubers, and it is easy to see why.

They provide a comfortable and ergonomic sitting posture that offers a premium experience and allows gamers to perform to the best of their ability.

If you love gaming and want to upgrade your setup with a gaming chair that offers a comfortable posture, check out this list. Also, if you intend to play for extended periods of time or just work from your computer and consider your old chair obsolete, this is the article for you!

Gaming chairs with a nice, ergonomic design and numerous features can be expensive, but it doesn’t have to be that way. In this article, we have compiled for you five of the best gaming chair under $200 options.

Best Gaming Chair Under $200 Reviews

GTRACING Gaming Chair

Gtracing Gaming Chair Racing Office Computer Ergonomic Video...

This versatile gaming chair is ideal for office environments and many other settings. It boasts numerous attractive features and a good-looking design, making this chair an excellent choice.

Product Highlights

Gaming chairs usually look alike. They typically feature red or green colors and that distinctive design with armrests and thick padding. This specific design works well, and it does so beautifully.

This gaming chair is no exception, as it features numerous desirable traits:

  • Attractive design, beautifully complementing your gaming setup
  • Comes in 7 different colors, including red, blue, and purple, so you can pick your favorite one
  • Ergonomically built to ensure the best and most comfortable gaming experience
  • Incorporates numerous functions, such as armrests, reclining, and rocking, as well as height adjustment and rolling casters
  • Built with the highest quality materials to ensure durability and convenience
  • Versatile applications, from gaming to working or studying

This gaming chair perfectly blends practicality with a modern design, and it complements your gaming space and working space. It also offers a modern and stylish look. This is due to the numerous colors it comes in, so you can pick your favorite color to accompany your PC’s LED lighting or your room’s decor.

The size of this gaming chair is ideal, offering plenty of sitting area without having a cumbersome size and cluttering your gaming or office setup. Ideally compact, you can comfortably use it in your gaming area, while also seamlessly moving it with the smooth-rolling casters. It can withstand a maximum weight of 300 pounds due to the premium-quality construction and high-quality materials.

What We Like About GTRACING Gaming Chair

It features a comfortable, ergonomic design that offers a relaxing sitting position for extended periods of time. This is perfect if you work long hours on your PC or like to game for long periods of time. It also includes a premium PU leather with a lumbar and headrest pillow.

Not to mention, it has a seat cushion that offers an incredibly comfortable experience and helps lessen the effects extended sitting has on your body.

This chair boasts reclining and rocking at between 90 and 170 degrees, as well as a 5-point base build. There are armrests, and it comes at quite a reasonable price, making this is an excellent addition to any gamer’s setup.

What We Don’t Like About GTRACING Gaming Chair

Although it boasts many great features, it does require assembly. Confusingly enough, it does not include any instructions in the package, making the assembly process quite difficult.

Instructions can be found online, but it is definitely a drawback that they aren’t included in the package. The machining of the screw holes is also slightly poor, which makes assembly more difficult.


  • A comfortable and ergonomic design that offers a nice position for extended use
  • An attractive design that perfectly complements any gaming setup
  • Versatility in its application, being suited for gaming, as well as working
  • Numerous functions that offer a premium experience and convenience
  • Built with high-quality materials, ensuring durability and a long-lasting service


  • Instructions not included, which can make assembly quite difficult
  • Poor machining of the screw holes, needlessly increasing assembly difficulty


OFM Gaming Chair

This stylish, ergonomic, versatile gaming chair comes with numerous features and different designs to accommodate any gaming or working environment. Plus, all of this comes at quite a reasonable price.

Product Highlights

This is a beautiful gaming chair that comes in numerous colors and patterns. It is built with extreme precision and premium quality materials to ensure your gaming experience is always top-notch.

The array of features and attractive traits include:

  • A race car style design that offers unparalleled comfort and a lavish experience
  • Ergonomically designed to ensure a pleasurable and comfortable sitting position
  • Incorporates many features, such as height adjustment and 360-degree swivel, along with a center-tilt control and flip-up armrests
  • Built with premium quality materials, high-quality leather, and comfortable padding
  • Comes in 11 different styles and colors, ranging from arctic camo to green, forest camo, pink, and red, among others

At first glance, you would think that this chair must cost a lot of money, but that is not the case. This gaming chair adds tremendous value to your gaming experience while also managing to keep the cost quite affordable. This race-style, ergonomic gaming chair is contoured with segmented padding and comfortable lumbar support.

It also has a headrest, flip-up armrests, and a high back to offer the best possible experience while gaming or working for long periods of time.

This chair comes in a variety of colors and designs, such as arctic camo, forest camo, and much more. You can pick the one that fits best with your gaming setup and personal preferences. It also features an adjustable height system to accommodate any type of gaming or working desk.

Additionally, there is a center-tilt control to minimize the risk of accidentally falling when leaning back. The 360-degree swivel is also great, allowing you to seamlessly turn from one direction to another.

What We Like About OFM Gaming Chair

It features a tilt-lock and a tilt-tension control, and the surface features a SofThread Leather material that is very comfortable and smooth to the touch.

Also, it offers a modern and sleek look to your gaming or working space. With its affordable price, this item is a steal, and it will complete your gaming or working setup wonderfully.

What We Don’t Like About OFM Gaming Chair

A slight downside to this series of gaming chairs is that they feature bright and flashy colors, along with a specific design aimed towards games. Thus, this gaming chair is not ideal for working and office environments.

It does offer a great and comfortable position, but the look does not scream professionalism. This chair also presents the buyer with a slight level of difficulty when assembling it.


  • Comfortable lumbar support and headrest, along with comfortable padding to offer an ergonomic and comfortable experience
  • A variety of designs and colors to choose from, so you can pick the best option to complement your gaming or working space
  • Numerous features, such as an adjustable height, 360-degree swivel, and flip-up armrests
  • Very affordable price, which is surprising for the value this gaming chair provides
  • Built with premium-quality materials to ensure durability, as well as a modern look


  • Colors may be too flashy for an office environment
  • Assembly might prove to be slightly difficult


VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair Video High Back Racing PC...

As the name suggests, this is a gaming chair that also massages you. This is one of the best aspects of this chair, and it proves that modern and high-tech gaming chairs do not have to be very expensive.

Product Highlights

This is another race-style gaming chair that offers not only numerous attractive features but a modern and sleek look to your gaming setup. It could be used as a working chair, as well, due to the comfortable and ergonomic design. However, the gaming look does not blend in well in an office environment.

This chair’s desirable features include:

  • Race-style design that looks great in a gaming setup, but it is also fairly compact so it doesn’t get in the way
  • Features adjustable lumbar cushion that also massages your back
  • Adjustable armrests, so you can set them in the most comfortable position possible
  • Boasts a tilt locking mechanism, and it is also able to tilt up to 135 degrees
  • Another wonderful addition is the retractable padded footrest, offering further comfort and convenience
  • Includes an adjustable headrest along with a flat seat cushion

This may be one of the most comfortable and feature-rich gaming chairs in this price range. It incorporates numerous features as seen above, along with a great-looking design, comfortable padding, and high-quality materials.

The selling point of this gaming chair is the multi-functionality. It integrates an electric-powered massager in the lumbar cushion that can offer not only a comfortable posture but a relaxing massage, as well. This can efficiently relieve backaches and muscle soreness, as well as reduce fatigue while gaming or working for a long period of time.

What We Like About VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

It features an adjustable height, as well as a reclining system and a back angle that offers a great level of comfort and versatility. Another impressive feature is the retractable footrest that allows your feet to rest in a comfortable position. It also offers an ergonomic posture throughout your gaming or working.

This chair is built with premium-quality materials to ensure a long-lasting service and plush, comfortable padding. It features PU leather, which can be cleaned easily, is very comfortable, and is highly resistant to fading.

Along with the great and spacious size, adjustable armrests, and the ease of assembly, this is a wonderful addition to any gaming or workspace. It also comes with a one-year warranty and exemplary customer service.

What We Don’t Like About VON RACER Massage Gaming Chair

Keep in mind that this chair does not support as much weight as other gaming chairs, thus it is not as ideal for larger individuals. The armrests are also prone to wobbling.


  • High-quality materials that offer a long-lasting service and great resistance to wear over time
  • A retractable footrest that offers an ergonomic and comfortable position while gaming
  • Lumbar cushion massage to relieve built-up tension and fatigue in your body after a long day of working or playing
  • Offers an easy experience while assembling it
  • Gives you tremendous value for your money


  • Might perform poorly when used by heavier individuals
  • Armrests might wobble slightly


NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

NOKAXUS Gaming Chair,Gamer Chairs for Adults with...

This is a large gaming chair that is made with premium-quality materials. It also has a thoughtful, ergonomic design to offer improved comfort while gaming, as well as many other features.

Product Highlights

The Nokaxus gaming chair is a prime example that gaming chairs with numerous attractive traits do not have to be expensive. This chair strikes a balance between ergonomics, quality, and price, and it does so with grace.

This chair incorporates numerous features, such as:

  • 6 different colors, so you can choose the one that blends best with your gaming setup
  • Constructed out of high-quality materials that ensure long service and high resistance to wear
  • Safety with the SGS Class 3 barometer, along with thickened support chassis to offer greater safety and stability to your gaming or working environment
  • Numerous functions, such as a footrest and massage pillow located at the waist
  • Ergonomically designed to offer a comfortable sitting position for extended periods of gaming or working
  • Covered in a premium-quality, PU leather that delivers a comfortable and smooth texture
  • Modern design that blends with your gaming setup or working environment

This modern gaming chair features a plethora of attractive traits, and surprisingly, it manages to keep the cost low. This is a perfect balance between features, build quality, and price that few others manage to strike.

It is constructed out of premium-quality materials, as well as PU leather that offers a comfortable and pleasant texture. It also features plush padding, which boosts the level of comfort considerably.

The added variety in colors is an excellent feature, and because of that, you can pick whichever color you like best. That way, you can manage to complete your gaming setup beautifully. It also features an SGS Class 3 barometer that lifts the seat smoothly and decreases the risk of injury or damage to the chair.

The padding is ergonomic and comfortable, while also complementing the sleek look of the chair. It has a high resistance to deformation over time, as well as large wheels that increase durability. These wheels also protect your floors from any damage caused by moving.

What We Like About NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

The footrest is a wonderful addition, ensuring a comfortable position and a lot of versatility. It also boasts an incorporated massage function in the waist pillow, which is USB powered.

This offers much-needed relaxation after long days at work or a long period of gaming. It also features 360-degree rotation, along with adjustable height, an adjustable waist pillow, and a headrest.

What We Don’t Like About NOKAXUS Gaming Chair

The massage features are not as good as other higher-end gaming chairs. It only vibrates at a constant pace, but it is nonetheless a good addition.

The headrest might also prove to be less than ideal for taller individuals who are over 6 feet tall.


  • Footstool along with comfortable ergonomic padding, offering a comfortable sitting position
  • USB-powered massage incorporated in the waist pillow, delivering relaxation and relieving fatigue
  • Featuring a modern and sleek design, complementing any gaming or working environment
  • Numerous colors to choose from
  • Built with high-quality, durable materials that ensure long-lasting use and high resistance towards wear and fading


  • Might not be suitable for individuals taller than 6 feet
  • Massage feature is quite basic but practical


Devoko Gaming Chair

Devoko Ergonomic Gaming Chair Racing Style Adjustable Height...

This gaming chair from Devoko incorporates numerous features and boasts a sleek and cool design. It blends in and complements any gaming setup, and it is ideal for gamers who desire a comfortable and versatile gaming chair.

Product Highlights

A gaming chair that any gamer wants, this item includes numerous features and functions, along with a durable build using high-quality materials. The ergonomic design offers the best and most comfortable experience to gamers around the world.

This gaming chair presents many features, such as the following:

  • Premium-quality materials that will endure the test of time and offer long-lasting service
  • Ergonomically built with a high back, as well as high quality, breathable leather, ensuring a great experience
  • Ensures a proper posture and a comfortable sitting position with the lumbar support and headrest pillow
  • Features 360-degree swivel, using high-quality, quiet wheels that also protect your floor against scratching
  • Has a reclining angle back with a tilt-locking mechanism that effectively relieves fatigue and tension during long periods of work or gaming

This gaming chair is a beautiful example of what companies can accomplish if they manage to be creative. A budget restriction means that they must be creative in regards to the construction of the gaming chair. This, in turn, can result in a wonderful design and robust construction.

This product boasts a heavy-duty metal construction that ensures long-lasting service, as well as increased resistance to wear over time. It also incorporates an explosion-proof gas spring that ensures your safety while gaming, resting, or working in this gaming chair.

This gaming chair provides lumbar support, as well as a headrest and comfortable and plush padding. This ensures that your body is comfortable and does not get stiff after long periods of use. The rolling wheels are also sturdy and durable, while rolling silently and protecting your floor from damage.

What We Like About Devoko Gaming Chair

This chair has an added lock-tilt adjustment, reclining angle adjusters, height adjustments, and a sleek and modern design. These numerous features, along with a very reasonable price, makes this gaming chair a perfect addition to any gaming or office environment.

This chair can be a wonderful gift to a loved one, as well, providing tremendous value for your money. It makes sure fatigue and backaches do not get a hold of you or your friends while gaming.

What We Don’t Like About Devoko Gaming Chair

An aspect that might be cumbersome is the lumbar pillow. It is not attached to the chair, and there is no way of attaching it without accessories. This might prove slightly annoying, because it falls down every time you get up from the chair, needing manual replacement.

The chair comes with numerous accessories to aid in assembly, but they do not present the same level of quality as the chair itself.


  • Heavy-duty metal construction that delivers long-lasting service
  • High-quality, comfortable, and plush padding that ensures a comfortable experience
  • Lumbar support and headrest that are adjustable, which further enhance comfort and ensure your neck and back are ache-free
  • Tilt-locking mechanism and reclining angle adjuster that deliver a comfortable and relaxing resting position
  • Modern and sleek design that perfectly blends in with your gaming or working environment


  • Lumbar cushion is not attached to the chair, falling over when you get up
  • Assembly accessories might be slightly poorly built



Gaming chairs, like all other purchasing decisions, must abide by a few standard criteria that reflect the quality and practicality of these chairs. They are not all the same, and, judging by a number of factors, you could figure out what is the best pick for you.

These factors include a few dimensions that we will discuss below.


Adjustments are quite important in a gaming chair. They allow you to freely adjust certain parts, such as the height of the chair, to comfortably sit and work or play at your desk. They may also offer lumbar support or headrest adjustments to ensure that your back and neck are positioned comfortably.

Gaming chairs also feature a reclining adjuster and a tilt-lock, so you can tilt your chair back at up to 180 degrees for a better resting experience. This can be beneficial if you want to take a quick break, to watch TV, or to take a nap.

These are some of the most important adjustable components that you should pay attention to when buying a new gaming chair.


The design of gaming chairs is usually flashy and full of bright colors, perfectly complementing a gaming setup. The colors range widely, from bright red to purple, navy, and so on.

These designs also commonly come in different patterns, styles, and colors. That way, you can choose the one that blends in the best with your environment and complements your room’s decor.

Some other designs might be ideal for gaming, as well as office environments, providing an elegant and sleek look. However, most of the time, the design should be appealing and modern and suit your desired purpose. You should either complete a gaming setup or choose a more versatile look for an office environment.

Gaming chairs can be quite beneficial in a working environment due to the high level of comfort. They can provide comfortable sitting and proper posture when working and sitting for extended periods of time.


Gaming chairs are chairs, after all, and they should be comfortable and offer a proper posture for your spine and neck. The padding should also be very supportive and feature a smooth and pleasant surface. This is important to ensure that your back and neck are relieved from stiffness or fatigue.

Lumbar support and a headrest are must-have features in any gaming chair. These can offer greater support and comfort to your neck and lumbar area, as well as prevent stiffness and fatigue.

They also offer a comfortable sitting position and a proper posture, so your gaming experience can be as comfy and pleasurable as possible. Padding along the seat and back is also important, and armrests can be very beneficial when you work, game, or rest.


Gaming chairs come with an array of features, and these features are usually reflected in the price. Some features include an incorporated massage feature in the lumbar area.

With this feature, your comfort and relaxation are considerably boosted while gaming or working for an extended period of time. This is also great when resting and taking a break from your gaming or working.

Budget gaming chairs don’t usually feature speakers or USB charging ports, but if you desire a higher-end gaming chair, these features are common. Footrests are also implemented to offer great comfort when sitting, gaming, working, or resting.

The basic features like lumbar support, headrest, armrests, rolling wheels, and height adjustments are a standard for gaming chairs.


Like many other products, gaming chairs come in a wide range of prices. Higher-end gaming chairs commonly feature more functions, such as speakers or USB ports for recharging your phone or plugging in your headphones.

Other additions include superior padding for improved comfort and massage in the lumbar pillow, as well as heating and cooling.

These are usually reserved for higher-end gaming chairs. For budget-friendly gaming chairs, you should expect to see lumbar support and headrests, along with armrests and comfortable padding. There should be a balance between function, quality, and price that offers the best value for your money.


What are the best gaming chair brands on the market?

This can be subjective, and depending on your individual preferences, there are many brands to choose from. On the market, there are a few brands that stand out due to their superior quality gaming chairs and high-end features.

These are SecretLab, GTRacing, OFM, and Noblechairs. You can’t go wrong buying a gaming chair from any of these brands.

What makes a good gaming chair?

Gaming chairs come in many shapes and sizes, designs and colors, features and materials. More often than not, a good gaming chair features a balance between a sleek and modern design and comfortable and ergonomic padding.

It should also have a balance between sturdy and durable construction, premium-quality materials, and attractive features.

Budget-friendly gaming chairs are great to meet basic needs. However, they are also good at incorporating features that boost their value, such as massage, adjustable parts, and comfortable support.

How to make my gaming chair more comfortable?

If your gaming chair is not comfortable enough, you either chose a poor gaming chair or the padding wore out over time. No matter how durable or resistant to wear a gaming chair might be, the padding will eventually wear over time and begin to decrease the comfort of the chair.

If your gaming chair is not comfortable enough, you should either look into buying a new gaming chair or you should purchase new padding for the chair. If new padding can’t be changed, simply purchase some memory foam and place it on the seat or on the back to boost your comfort.

How high on the chair should you be when gaming?

This depends on your particular gaming chair, as well as your individual height. When gaming, especially for extended periods of time, you should keep your tilt to a minimum to ensure that your back sits in a proper position.

Also, ensure that your back and neck are straight, but also comfortable. A headrest and lumbar support are present in most gaming chairs that will do a great job of keeping your back and neck secure and comfortable.

Don’t strain yourself when gaming or working, and try to keep an upright position to ensure a proper posture for your spine and neck. The height of your lumbar support and headrest should be adjusted to accommodate your particular height.

The height of the chair itself should also be adjusted so that your neck is straight and the monitor is right in front of you, if not slightly lower than your eye level.

How to clean a gaming chair

After long use, anything can get dirty. When your gaming chair gets dirty, there are a couple of ways to safely clean your chair. The color might be prone to fading if you use harsh or corrosive chemicals, so try to avoid that. Instead, opt for mild detergents and cleaners.

You could clean your gaming chair even with a damp towel or tissue because the PU leather and the fabric is usually easy to clean. There are also some service providers who offer cleaning services, and they might clean your chair properly, but it will cost more, of course.