Best DX Racer Chair in 2020 – Which DX Racer to Buy?

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Looking for the right gaming chair? We have some of the most promising options. These gaming chairs ensure an enhanced and enjoyable gaming experience. With an option in mind, it is quite easy to find the best gaming chair.

To get an idea of what type of choices we have on the list, just take a look at the following reviews to find the best DX Racer chair. Here, we have taken into account some of the most renowned products launched by DX Racer which is a well-established name in the field of gaming gear.

Best DX Racer Chair Reviews

DX Racer Formula Series OH/FD01/N Office Gaming Chair

DXRacer AG Gaming Chair, Extra Large, Black2

This chair by DX Racer is quite popular with eSport players. This chair has been official gaming gear for a large number of eSports teams, including Dignitas, compLexity, and Fnatic. The product has been represented at big events life WCG and UMG.


The most prominent feature of the Formula Series is the high-density foam filling (cold cure), which makes these chairs more durable and comfortable for more prolonged use. In addition, its nylon star base and tubular steel frame give it the required durability. Additionally, the Formula Series also offers excellent stability along with comfortable armrests.

The provision of high backrest makes it possible to provide essential rest to the neck and head. With DX Racer gaming chairs, you can easily overcome all the issues associated with high back gaming chairs.

Moreover, you can also lower the seat of the XRacer chair to make it more comfortable. It allows you to stay relaxed during long gaming sessions. Due to its angle adjuster, you can enjoy the highest level of comfort.

Its ergonomic design gives you a more relaxed and comfortable feel. This ensures better performance when taking part in any gaming championship. Moreover, the headrest and lumbar cushions are some of the additional benefits of this gaming chair.

Talking about the looks of this particular chair, it has a patent race car design. The seat is made of soft, sturdy, and breathable materials. This adds more value to this gaming chair. Its extra higher backrest keeps the neck in a perfect position and prevents any pain in the neck or spinal area. Additionally, the armrests are exceptionally soft, giving a comfortable and secure resting place for your arms and wrist.


  • Adjustable arms
  • Nylon base
  • Unique tilt mechanism


  • Not too much wiggle room
  • Heavy


DX Racer Racing Series OH/RE0/NE Gaming Office Chair

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RE0/NE Gaming Office Chair

For those who are in the habit of living in the fast lane, this is the product to think about. This particular chair is the larger model of the most famous Racing Series chair. It has a wider, taller, and more comfortable backrest, which makes this chair a viable option for a bigger and stronger gamer.


There isn’t anything more miserable than sitting for extended hours on a chair offering poor ergonomic design. It can cause neck and back pain, which makes it obligatory to look for a perfectly designed gaming chair.

This DX Racer Racing gaming chair keeps your spine relaxed and protects it against any potential threats. It has a multi-directional and ergonomic design, which is an ideal option for extended gaming sessions.

This series also comes with adjustable armrests. You can easily rotate the armrests and alter their height for a comfortable posture. The seat of this chair is made of cold cure foam filling, which gives extreme comfort to users. In addition, its large and tubular steel frame provides the highest level of stability.

With its metal star base and durable armrests, the DXRacer Racer Series ensures comfort and durability at the same time. The adjustable lumbar cushion and integrated headrest are a few of the additional features of this gaming chair. You can lower the seat to a required level.

The DX Racer seat is now offering a new footrest-shaped base, which is made of sturdy nylon material. In fact, this nylon is stronger than steel or any other material. As a result, you can continue using this chair for years to come.

The 3D straight arms add beauty and comfort to this gaming chair. Its conventional tilt mechanism ensures comfort and stability. Furthermore, it’s aluminum base and PU cover turns it into a highly durable gaming chair.


  • Tilt mechanism
  • Lumbar cushion
  • Adjustable seat flexibility
  • Comfortable padded seats


  • Arm rests cannot be locked
  • Slightly hard foam


DXRacer King Series OH/KS06/N Big and Tall Gaming Chair

DXRacer King Series OH/ Big and Tall Gaming Chair

As the name suggests, this is the chair to rule all other DX Racer chairs. The King Series is specifically designed to meet the needs of a hardcore gamer. It has the durability, comfort, stability, and all other essential features that you can’t find in any other chair.


The DX Racer King Series is a newly designed chair with a comfortable seat. It has adjustable armrests that offer extra cushioning for additional comfort. This particular chair is capable of providing support, even if you are using it for an extended time.

The DX Racer King is fit for hardcore gamers, as it offers the highest level of quality and comfort. All the accessories and parts of this chair have passed stringent quality tests. This secures the chair irrespective of the user’s weight.

The hydraulic unit is imported, which has been manufactured in Germany. This particular part of this chair passes SGS and other international tests. With this easy to use adjustable system, you can adjust the angle and height of your chair.

Moreover, it has a full-size frame, which gives it a great look. While using this chair, you will feel as if the chair has taken you into its lap. The DX Racer chair has a strong frame, which ensures the durability of the chair. The footrest-shape is also unique and offers the required stability. This is because the foreign designers have designed the base of this particular chair.

With the availability of five different colors, you can choose the best possible option that compliments your gaming zone. It can add more value to the décor of your home, giving it a digital and hi-tech look.

The ergonomic design and headrest cushion also makes it an ideal gaming chair. Furthermore, the lumbar support cushion adds more comfort to the chair. These cushions are advantageous in many ways, as you can place them in a manner that feels more comfortable.

In addition, due to its high backrest, you can easily enjoy the game while offering proper spine and neck support. Talking about the construction, the materials used for the production of this particular chair are breathable and durable. This suggests that the chair will continue to offer maximum comfort in almost any weather condition. It keeps the temperature of the chair at minimal reading, even if you are using it for an extended period.

With its adjustable armrest, you can easily customize this chair. The base is constructed with heavy-duty aluminum for extended durability and lightweight construction. The footrest is amazing, as it gives you the freedom to use the chair in a highly comfortable layout.

The backrest is straight and high, making it ideal and features flexible head support. The backrest is also adjustable, which is a feature that you usually don’t see in high back gaming chairs. Moreover, its 360-degree swivel base allows you to move in any direction without any extra effort. It also has three double caster wheels, which allows smooth rolling over any surface.

The tilt mechanism is also designed to offer maximum stability and comfort to the person sitting on the chair. It allows you to adjust the chair in such a manner that provides maximum comfort and stability. Therefore, the DX Racer King Series is an ideal option when you require an adjustable chair, which is capable of offering necessary support and comfort.


  • High-density foam
  • Adjustable lumbar pillow
  • Heavy, solid frame
  • Great chair for bigger guys as well


  • Less impressive design
  • A bit pricey


DX Racer FH11/NR Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming

DXRacer FH11/NR Black and Red Formula Series Racing Bucket...

The Formula Series is specifically designed in a way to add more comfort. This particular chair features a soft surface material and soft cushioning. The angle and height are also adjustable to the desired settings, and these adjustments are easy to make. Moreover, the angle can also be increased up to 170 degrees.

All the parts and accessories used in this chair have passed stringent quality tests. The hydraulic unit, for instance, is of the best quality offered by a German manufacturer. The company sticks to the international quality control standards to keeps this chair comfortable and durable.


The ergonomic design of this chair makes it more comfortable and efficient. The additional bonus of this chair is the availability of lumbar cushion and headrest cushion support. The provision of the extra high backrest gives additional support to the spine and neck of the user.

The flexible seatback is also adjustable and comfortable enough to be used for an extended period. With its patent design of a race car seat, the chair hugs you completely and gives a cozy feel. Additionally, the fabric used for this chair is breathable and sturdy. It has a trendy and comfortable combination of strong mesh and PU vinyl cover.

When it comes to added comfort, the chair offers unique soft armrests. These are the adjustable armrests, which keep your shoulders and wrists in a comfortable position. The latest in heavy-duty aluminum base mechanism provides additional stability and strength to the footrests.

Its conventional and highly durable tilt mechanism adds more stability to the chair. With this feature, you won’t get tired even after sitting on this chair for more extended periods. It is also possible to lower or raise the chair to the desired level. The handle toggle is specially designed, which gently lowers and lifts the chair quickly.

It has a resilient and sturdy armrest construction. This is because the DX Racer uses imported and high-quality polyurethane material for the construction of various parts of this chair. This increases comfort and durability. Moreover, when you sit on this chair, it offers a soft and pleasant feel.

The provision of a large angle adjuster is an excellent feature of this chair, which offers the highest level of comfort. Furthermore, it has a multi-directional ergonomic design. The universal casters and recently designed aluminum base are comfortable and strong. Moreover, it also has a footrest for added comfort.


  • Adjustable armrest
  • 11 different colors
  • Breathable material


  • Heavy
  • Less comfortable than other models


DX Racer Racing Series OH/RW106/NG Office Gaming Chair

DXRacer Racing Series OH/RAA106/NG Office Gaming Chair

This DX Racer Racing Series gaming chair is also designed in a thoroughly professional manner. It offers the highest level of comfort and stability. In addition, this suitable chair can enhance your gaming experience and allow you to beat your competitors.

It also allows you to pay more attention to improving your gaming skills instead of adjusting the chair every now and then. Before you go out to buy a gaming chair, take a look at the features of this DX Racer Racing Series chair.


The top of the line features of this gaming chair includes availability in 11 different colors, an ergonomic design, and an easily adjustable height and angle. With these and some other essential features, it is quite easy to play games for hours.

You will definitely enjoy the availability of two cushions, which offer an extended level of comfort. In addition, the construction of its seat with breathable material is another plus. It helps to keep the temperature moderate and bearable. This also improves your gaming skills as you can pay attention to your game without any kind of distraction.

When you want some additional comfort, using its high backrest is a perfect option. It provides proper support to your spine and neck. The adjustable armrest is an extra plus, which allows you to adjust the ergonomics of the chair to a perfect setting.


  • 3D adjustable armrests
  • Extra higher backrest
  • Nylon base


  • Pricey
  • Slightly heavy



After reading all the reviews, it is now possible for you to choose one of the best DX Racer gaming chairs. These are top of the line options, which provide the highest level of comfort and durability. So with this extensive list, you can add more options to your bucket.