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Are Massage Chairs Good for You?

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So, are massage chairs good for you? In the search for ultimate comfort, it is inevitable that you come across the massage chair. Not only a place to sit but also one that can perform massage therapy simultaneously.

It is often debated over as to whether they are as healthy for you as they appear to be, or not. With all the physical and mental benefits surrounding the chair, let’s get into it.

What is a massage chair?

Despite the name being somewhat self-explanatory, a massage chair is indeed a chair that performs massages on its occupant. The back of the chair, mostly, and the seat of the chair have mechanisms inside that massage your body while being controlled by a remote or control panel that you have access to.

Massage chairs deliver a deep tissue massage that can not only increase blood circulation but also help sore muscles and relieve back pain.

What else can massage chairs do?

While those who encounter difficulty with their muscles often will be told that a massage chair will help them, the benefits aren’t exclusive to just those people. The list of goods that a massage chair can perform will have multiple reasons for everyone as to why a massage chair would be a justifiable purchase.

Protection for your muscles

Whether you have a strenuous hobby that involves a lot of physical activity, or your day job is just starting to wear you down; a massage chair ensures that you feel your best after a long day away from home.

A good massage offers pain relief as it relieves all tension that your body and muscles will be collecting. You can feel more flexible and better after just a single session however, the long-term benefits from multiple sessions are also incredibly worth it. Massage chairs will also help decrease the levels of lactic acid in your muscles so that you can work for extended hours without a hitch.

Improve your mental health

Despite speaking about the tension building in your muscles, it’d only be fair to talk about the tension building in your mind. It’s perfectly natural for the general dread of daily life to take its toll on your mental well-being, but frequent massage sessions can help negate this.

After providing a deep and satisfying massage, your body feels better and your mind recognizes this. The brain releases endorphins and sweet, sweet serotonin making you feel better already.

Better blood

There are so many benefits for your blood that it would be an incredibly long list to speak about them separately. The circulation of your blood would be improved, making sure every part of your body is receiving as much as needed, this increased blood flow helps your body heal at an improved rate.

Massage chairs also help with hypertension, also known as high blood pressure. Using a massage chair can lower your blood pressure which reduces the likelihood of a stroke or heart-related death.

Are massage chairs good for you_Comfy Gaming Hub

Healthier breathing

Due to bad posture, or anything similar, the muscles around our lungs contract. In turn, this makes out lungs contract to fit the size of the available space in our chests. When the lungs are smaller, they have a lower capacity which makes our breaths faster and shorter.

As it is known, massage chairs help relax all muscles in the body. Using a massage chair can relax the muscles in our chests so that our lungs return to full size and our lung capacity is increased, making breathing a more healthy occurrence.

Improved immune systems

While this benefit will not be greatly noticed by everyone, those with immune system complications will notice an improvement in their health as well as their lymphatic system.

As massage therapy helps with our heart and blood flow, our immune systems are improved as a side effect. The healthier blood rushing around your body, from the improved circulation, can flush away any factors of disease a lot quicker and more effectively.

Pain relief

Massage chairs help reduce the pain of all kinds as the muscles in your body relax. This can help with back pain from bad posture as the muscles that would be tense, therefore causing bad posture, will be returned to full working order so that you can sit comfortably.

This is especially helpful for those with chronic back pain as this will loosen up your back, making moving a lot easier and also working to reduce pain. The same goes for people who may have chronic muscle pain.

Improved posture

Bad posture is from sitting incorrectly, it can cause a multitude of health issues such as back pain and tense muscles. A massage chair will help relax those muscles so that when sitting down, it is comfortable to sit in a correct posture. In the long run, improved posture has a lot of health benefits for the entire body.

Mental clarity

While being good for your mental health, massage chairs also improve your focus and mental clarity. It acts as a form of stress relief so that you are unburdened during the day, improving your focus and your thought process. More blood and more oxygen will also get to your brain so that you are in your peak mental condition.

Are massage chairs good for you_Comfy Gaming Hub

Massage chairs

The market for massage chairs is ever-growing and learning. More and more innovative massage chairs are being produced all the time. Some will be standard with a side panel on one arm to control it. Whereas, others will have provided accessibility app features that let you control your massage chair from your phone. This feature enables users to customize their body massage chair to perform to its maximum benefit as it can be controlled in ways of speed and intensity.

A lot of massage chairs will have premade massage programs that vary from a light massage therapy session to more intense massage programs that work for a bit longer and provide more health benefits.

Zero gravity massage chairs are becoming ever more popular as they recline to a state where you are no longer touching the ground, performing a deeper massage so you can clearly see the benefits of massage chairs. A zero gravity massage takes the pressure off of your spine and legs so that you can have a more satisfying and cleansing massage. They are a specialized type of full-body massage chair. They are also praised by some as the ‘best massage chair’ available on the market due to their reclining features.

FAQs – Are Massage Chairs Good for You?

Are massage chairs good for your body?

Yes. Massage chairs help relax and heal every part of your body. They provide short and long-term health benefits that everyone could do with. Not only this but they also help your mind, making you have more peace and clarity throughout your day.

Can I use a massage chair every day?

While you technically can, it is recommended that you use your massage chair three to four times a week for physical benefits. However, if you are using the chair for stress then twice a week will be plenty.

Is a vibrating chair good for you?

Vibrating chairs and vibration therapy is great for reducing bone loss and increasing your bone and muscle strength. It is used by NASA today to help astronauts reduce bone loss that they receive after being in space.

Why do you need a massage chair?

The health benefits speak for themselves, a massage chair is not needed, but it will improve almost every aspect of your body physically and mentally.