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Are Gaming Chairs Worth it?

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In the community of gaming, many things are argued about. However, there is one topic that should never, ever, ever be argued about so long as you care about your spine. That’s right, today we are talking about gaming chairs. So if you want your back to still work properly by the time you’ve retired; I deem it wise to read on!

Are Gaming Chairs Worth it_Comfy Gaming Hub

What are gaming chairs?

They might sound like a con by the chair industry to charge a premium price for a fancy-looking, normal feeling chair but I assure you that this is far from the truth. Like most things in the world, the generic item (for this instance, the almighty chair) does not properly perform to the maximum of its capabilities thanks to it being far too general use. The gaming chair is a specified chair that has people who play video games in mind. This means it is typically comfier and offers better support than those foldup chairs you buy online when in a pinch.

Without getting too technical, for now, gaming chairs support proper spinal alignment which makes it more comfortable sitting down for long periods. This is thanks to their ergonomic design which fixes your sitting posture so that you sit straight, just as the human body is designed to. The way this is achieved is by having not only a comfier seat but a lumbar support pillow which most mainstream gaming chairs possess. It may look like a headrest that is too low down to be of use, but I speak from personal experience when I say that the lumbar support pillow has improved my poor posture. Instead of returning to slouching, as you would after getting tired sitting straight up for a long period, the gaming chairs seem to absolutely negate that feeling. You can sit comfortably for hours upon end without even noticing how perfect your posture is.

Are they really worth it?

Some people may look for different things from a chair so it is up to your own judgment. I cannot have all the answers and for that, I apologize. I can, however, speak about why I think that they are worth it.

First of all, I have previously stated what they do for your posture and poor sitting habits. However, their quality goes so much further than that. They are comfortable too, which does not always go hand in hand with ergonomic chairs. They can simply elevate your gaming experience from a hobby your back can only withstand 2 hours, to a comfortable and fitting experience that will feel just as cozy after 5 hours as it did for the first 5 minutes.

Before I got a gaming chair, I was using a horrible folding chair that made my back scream at me every time I even dared to look at the chair. Since replacing that wretched thing, my day-to-day life has improved. Ask yourself this, “how much time sitting down do I spend?” the answer is harrowing. If you spend that much time sitting on a shoddy uncomfortable chair every day, just think about what it does to your body. After swapping chairs, my back feels a lot more relaxed and less pained than it was before I had such a chair.

Is there a substitute?

Your friends who don’t understand gaming as much as you do may argue that it is ‘just a chair’ but they are wrong. Just because they spend every day at work in conventional office chairs pretending to enjoy it, does not mean you should face the same punishment. Do you really want to spend long hours sitting in the same chair that you’ve had for as long as you can remember?

While yes, you could buy a very comfortable chair that suits your needs, it still would not beat a proper high-quality gaming chair. They just have too many specialized features and are far too well designed to be something you can pass up on for a cheaper price. Some gaming chairs can be very expensive like the Herman Miller chairs, but I assure you the affordable gaming chairs are still more than enough to make your poor sitting habits disappear.

Aside from office chairs or even a desk chair, some people may consider a bucket seat. These typically look like a gaming chair without its wheels or height. While they may look like something ripped straight out of a dream, they are far more uncomfortable for your legs than a good gaming chair.

Gaming enthusiasts who are trying to fix or maintain their posture may also suggest that you take a look at standing desks. Whilst these desks do offer good spinal alignment, they can get hard on your legs after long gaming sessions so it is best to stick with a gaming chair if you’re not sure. An alternative to this would be to have both if you’re in a position to do so. After standing for a while you could sit back and relax in a well-fitting gaming chair to give your legs a break, sounds like heaven.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth it_Comfy Gaming Hub

What else do they do?

I have mentioned their ergonomic design and lumbar pillows but that is not their limit, by any means. Most gaming chairs offer adjustable seat height so that they perfectly fit in with your gaming setup no matter how tall the desk is. Gaming chairs provide armrests that are also adjustable and materials that are breathable so that your gaming sessions are spent in maximum comfort. These features, even including a neck pillow, are not exclusive to the most advanced gaming chairs as they come with even your more basic gaming chair.

Where can you buy a gaming chair?

If you have read this far and are thinking that it all sounds good and you must upgrade immediately, then the question of “how does one go about buying a gaming chair?” has popped into your mind! It’s fine, you can find them almost anywhere on the internet.

It all comes down to a price range, make sure to set a budget. While yes, more expensive chairs will most likely be more comfortable, it isn’t always the case. A quick google search can find a plethora of brands dedicated to manufacturing gaming chairs exclusively. So it is then a matter of going to their website and having a quick browse. It is a big decision to make so please, take your time and look around. Maybe one gaming chair matches your color scheme perfectly, this does not mean you have to buy it. We are trying to prioritize comfort, remember?

Anyways, once you have selected the type of gaming chair (more on that later) that you want to buy, it is simply a matter of choosing where to buy it from. Most gaming chair companies will have links to retailers on their websites so that you can easily find the best retailer for your area. Other than that, Amazon seems to sell most brands, models, and colors of gaming chairs on the market.

Speaking of Amazon, they have a lot of lesser-known brand gaming chairs for sale. Some are off-brands or rip-offs but it is all dependent on your budget. If you do not have enough to spare, then that is fine. A perfect alternative would be a $90 gaming chair from amazon. It won’t be as comfy for the most part but it certainly beats an office chair and will be a fine choice for your first gaming chair. After all, they aren’t for life. If you find yourself in a position to upgrade a few months after purchasing one, then dispose of yours and get that upgrade. It’s in the name of comfort, don’t worry!

Types of gaming chairs

A few random google searches would have you feeling desperate. Looking for ‘Pc gaming chair’, ‘good gaming chairs’ or even ‘proper ergonomic chair’. This is all unnecessary. I’m here to teach you about the different types of gaming chairs so that you can find what you’re looking for a lot quicker, saving you time and stress.

Gaming chairs

Bit of an obvious name, right? Well, this is still a category of gaming chairs as it is the most generic choice. These have high backs and comfortable armrests. Gaming chair designs support comfort and posture while making sure that everything is customizable to your own preferences. In addition to this, they look pretty cool. Gaming chairs prove that even a new gaming chair can look nice and make a fine addition to any man cave or living room. All of this makes Gaming chairs worth every penny you spend on them. Although it might still be difficult to find the best gaming chair for you.

Racing style gaming chairs

We all have that fond memory of going to an arcade and sitting down in racing seats ready to play rather mediocre yet oddly gripping racing games. What if I told you that you can buy these for your own home… but better! A racing-style gaming chair will differ from its standard gaming counterpart as they are focused less on sitting back and relaxing. Instead of this, they are designed to resemble that of a racing seat. While you can certainly use a gamepad or controller with these, they are more designed for those of us who own steering wheels and racing pedals. A lot of the high-end racing-style chairs will have added metal bars that act as stands for your racing gear, whereas the lower-end racing chairs will simply be compatible with standalone stands for your steering wheels and gear shifters. While every sub-genre of gaming chairs have their own behemoths in the manufacturing world, racing chairs are no different. Dxracer almost exclusively specializes in this, after all, it is in the name.

Office chairs

While they are not gaming chairs and might look a lot different from your standard gaming chair; office chairs still need to be mentioned. Office chairs are less specialized and are more targeted at…well, offices. They look less flashy than gaming chairs, which may be a good thing depending on your at-home color scheme. An office chair may well be cheaper than a gaming chair and therefore could be a better alternative for you. An ergonomic office chair is pretty easy to find and won’t break your bank as much as a proper gaming chair, but alongside this, they still have impressive posture support and lumbar support making them a more than fine substitute.

Are Gaming Chairs Worth it_Comfy Gaming Hub

Brands of gaming chairs

I have already mentioned a few so far but I thought it would be better to discuss them in more depth. While there is no ‘best gaming chair’ there are still quite a few high-end competitors.

Herman miller – This company started by producing exclusively office chairs and lounge chairs but quickly realized that they could dive into the gaming industry with ease. While very high-end and expensive, a Herman Miller chair will fit your every need with insane customization and in-depth thought about everything including your ‘unique spinal curvature’, fancy! With state-of-the-art science-backed ergonomics, Herman Miller has created arguably one of the healthiest and comfiest chairs imaginable. Plus, they look ridiculously sleek and clean.

SecretLab – While half the price of the Herman Miller collection, SecretLab is by no means any worse. Their chairs are sleek, streamlined, and comfortable. With various partnerships, they boast an impressive stock of different film and game-themed chairs. SecretLab also has padded armrests adjustable by a 4D integral metal mechanism that reduces your risk of carpal tunnel.

GTPlayer – Yet again even more affordable, GTPlayer has impressive high-quality chairs for a lower price. Which makes these earn the title of ‘2021s most affordable gaming chair’. They mainly retail on Amazon and have built-in speakers for immersive sound gameplay. Some models also include a footrest that pulls out from below.


Is buying a gaming chair worth it?

Absolutely. They fix your posture and make everything about gaming more comfortable and enjoyable.

Do gaming chairs make a difference?

Yes! While they won’t make you any better at the game, they will help your spinal alignment and posture so that you do not suffer any issues as a result of sitting down for long periods.

Are gaming chairs a waste of money?

It really depends on how you look at it. While a sofa may feel fine for the time being, eventually you will notice some back pain or a sense of uncomfortable gaming sessions. Gaming chairs eliminate this for the most part, so they tend to be a bit more expensive. Gaming chairs support your posture and who can put a price on that? Aside from the retailers, obviously.